Step 1

If you don't already have SamCast installed, you can download it here.
(Please do notice, SamCast is not free software but may be used as a 30 day trial. It is still possible to use if after the 30 days,
but with limitations that is not controlled by Gaia Streams.
We can unfortunately not answer questions about what these limitations may be as this may change.)

When using SamCast it is adviced to use it together with a mixer, as SamCast will only pic up what is comming from your
microphone and/or Line in, it will not be able to stream your music that is played back on your computer, from youtube etc!

Click on the Encoders button to show the encoder window.   Click on + to add your server to the encoders.

Step 2

Select "MP3 (LAME_ENC)".






Step 4

Server Type: ShoutCast
SHOUT cast: v1
Server IP: The addres mentioned in the notecard/message you got.
(ex. or etc.)
Port: Your port number
Password: Your Password
(Please enter your password by hand, character by character
Copy/Paste the password does sometimes add unwanted characters, resulting
in errors.)

Anything under Station Details is optional and can be left as is, or
edited the way you see fit!

Step 6


Click on the Start button and your stream should become active and streaming within a second or two!

Step 3

In the Converter tab, set the bitrate acording to what you purchased.
A notecard should and message containing these details should have been sent
to you when you purchasedyour stream.
Mode: Stereo
Sampling rate: Auto

Check the box for "Auto reconnect encoder after" and set it to 30 seconds.

Step 5

Select your new encoder and click the Play button to start encode.

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