Step 1

First of all, you need to download and install a copy of Winamp, you can do that here.
And you also need a copy of the shoutcast DSP which can be found here.

[If you have problems with saving your settings, please read here how to fix it]

When you have installed these two programs, start Winamp.
Press CTRL+P on your kepboard when Winamp has started and find DSP/Effect under Plugins in the list to the left.

Select the "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.1 [dsp_sc.dll]" and click the Configure button.

Step 2

The SHOUTcast DSP window now shows up, and this is where you configure your stream.






Step 4

Select the Encoder tab.

Encoder: Encoder 1
Encoder type:
MP3 Encoder
Encoder settings:
Find the settings that match best with the stream you bought.
If you bought for example a stream for 100 listeners at 128 kbps, then select 128kbps, 44.100 kHz, Stereo.

The encoder setting is the only setting you may need to make adjustments to in case of stream errors.
For example if your stream is skipping.
Then select a lower bitrate (kbps).

Do NOT use a hight bitrate than you purchased, or your stream may get suspended due to overuseage of your plan!

Step 6

With microphone

To enable your microphone, select Soundcard Input, and set Input Setting to 44100 Hz, Stereo.
If your microphone is plugged in directly to your computer, select Microphone.

Now click on Open Mixer, you should see two new windows opening.
One for for playback, and one for Recording (usually opens behond the playback window).

Close the playback window and concentrate on the recording window.
If you dont have an option saying "Stereo mix" (can also be called "Stereo Out", "Mixed Output", "What U hear", "Record master", "wave out mix", "mixer" or "Sum") go to Options and select properties.
Enable the stereo mix (or whatever it is called on your computer)
and klick ok.
If Stereo Mix is muted, unmute it and close the window.

You should now be able to send both your music and use the "push to talk" button to speak to your audience.

Play around with the music level, BG music level, Mic level and Fade Time to find your preferred levels.

You are now ready to stream using Winamp and Shoutcast DSP plugin and your mic.
Go back to the Output tab, and hit Connect

Step 3

Go to the Output tab, and enter the details you got when you purchased your stream.

Select Output 1,
Click on the Connection button.
Under Output Configuration,
Address: Enter the stream address. (ex.
Port: The port number you were given. (ex. 14242)
Password: The password that was given to you when purchasing the stream.
Encoder: 1
Check the box for Automatic reconnection and set it to 30 seconds.

Step 5

No microphone

Setting input device to Winamp will only stream the music you are playing in winamp.
Your microphone will not be available.

Unless you want your microphone to work aswell, you are now ready to stream using Winamp and Shoutcast DSP plugin.
Go back to the Output tab, and click Connect!

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